Focal Point 2.0.9

onOne Software (Shareware)

Focal Point is a program developed by onOne Software for simulating the effect of certain lenses. This allows users to create an image that looks like it was taken by a specific camera lens. With this application, users can control the focus as well as create realistic vignette, depth-of-field, and selective focus effects. The program offers several lens presets to generate a particular bokeh.

Here are other known features of Focal Point:

• Focus Bug Controller – This feature provides frequently used options that allow users to imitate the functions of a selective focus or tilt-shift lens. This controller offers configuration settings for adjusting the shape, amount, type, and size of blur.
• Lens Simulator and Fast Glass Presets – This program is not only capable of generating bokeh. Its blur algorithm also matches the real lens blur, which enables users to generate an original out-of-focus effect.
• Multiple Focus Points Support – Focal Point enables users to utilize several Focus Bugs simultaneously for defining the focus points. With this feature, users can also mix the focus points for creating shapes or highlighting several subjects.
• Focus Brush – The program also features a focus brush for painting blur or focus at any part of the image. This tool can also be used to touch up certain Focus Bug shapes.
• Contrast, Brightness, and Bloom Highlighting Controls – Focal Point also offers these controls for controlling the highlights in the blurred or bokeh area.