FlyDS 2.0

FlyDS (Shareware)

FlyDS is a utility that is designed to record and view video files, audio files, and images from video-in cards or a TV tuner. One of the highlights of this utility is the 768x57 frame resolution. Another is the motion detector option built in to the application.

This tool is compatible with LifeView FlyVideo98 and AverMedia TV Phone. Any compression codec can be installed for recording. There are also available controls that the user can set based on preference. These controls are hue, contrast, brightness, saturation, volume, treble, bass, and balance. This tool is useful for finding specific positions on the video stream. The streams are saved in WMV, MPEG, or AVI format. Audio files may be exported to WAV.

FlyDS has an interface that is rather easy to use. There is a dedicated pane for a 16-channel display. Users can change the channel names and identify the right frequency. The user can also easily switch from one mode to another (TV vs. radio). There are additions functions that could prove handy to regular users: enable Teletext, view the TV guide or import from DAT files.

This program is based on MS DirectShow and runs on Win98SE, Windows 2000, Windows 2003, as well as Windows ME and Windows XP.