Portrait of a Kite, Inc. (Freeware)

FlyakiteOSX is a Windows transformation pack developed by Portrait of a Kite and released on June 2006. This product enables users with systems running on Windows XP to simulate the look of Mac OS X operating system. This program automatically customizes the settings of the system to achieve the look of Mac OS X. This includes making registry tweaks and replacing some system files. This program also automatically installs some design customizations including sounds, visual styles, and cursors.  

FlyakiteOSX features two themes. It also features simple customization settings via the settings dialog box. This program also enables users to install additional editing tools to the system that complement the FlyakiteOSX program. Some customization programs are also bundled with FlyakiteOSX including WinRoll and ObjectDock. ObjectDock is a small utility that enables users to add a dock on the desktop.

FlyakiteOSX merely changes the appearance of the Windows XP environment. It will not affect the compatibility of other installed programs with the operating system. This program does not only change the appearance and behavior of windows, it can also change the icons for some file types and file systems. Changes will reflect the Mac OS X file system appearance and behavior. It enables users to experience the ease of usage, as well as the visual appeal of the Mac OS X operating system while staying on the more familiar, Windows XP operating system.