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FlyableHeart, also known as Furaiaburu Hāto, is a visual novel program developed and published by UNiSONSHIFT. It was initially released on March 19, 2009. The game follows the story of Shou Katsuragi and his life inside the fictional Ōtoriryōran Academy. Shou Katsuragi is a new transferee student to the academy where he is forced to stay at the girl’s dormitory since the boy’s dormitory is already full. Throughout the story, the protagonist encounters the other main characters from the two main associations in the academy – the student council and the Ryōran association.

FlyableHeart’s gameplay follows a linear storyline wherein the courses of interactions and scenarios are predetermined. Throughout the game, the player will encounter decision points, where the player can choose from different scenarios. There are five main storylines in the game (one for each main female character). How the story turns out depends on the player’s choices during decision points. Since it follows a linear storyline, the story ends in one of the predetermined plots no matter what the player’s choices are. The player can only determine the other plots by playing the game several times and making different choices each time. As a visual novel game, FlyableHeart’s does not require much player interaction. Player interaction only occurs when making decisions to progress in the game.