Fly on Desktop 1.5

Drive Software Company (Freeware)

Fly on Desktop is an application that places virtual flies on the desktop. The software places around five to ten realistic looking flies that move around on the desktop. The program can be configured too.

The application’s main window can be accessed by double-clicking on its icon located on the Windows system tray. The settings window allows users to modify the behavior of the application. The flies can run during system startup and they can also be displayed on top of other windows. The flies can be removed from the screen by double clicking on them with the mouse button. The user can also set the number of flies to appear on the screen (from 1 to 99). The program’s menu can also be accessed by right clicking on one of the files on the desktop.

Other features of the software are the following:

• Option to add 1 fly or five flies from the pop-up menu
• Flies on the desktop have a realistic behavior
• Simple and easy to use application

Fly on Desktop is also available to download as a screensaver. When it is used as a screensaver, the flies only appear when the system is idle.