FLV Direct Player (Freeware)

FLV Direct Player downloads and opens various media file formats, including MPEG-4 and Flash Videos (FLV) for content playback on the user’s desktop. It has full-screen Playback options, as well as a customized Video Search engine in a resizable window. It can open online videos from YouTube and other content sources by way of their URL. These sites have FLV search functions for use on their respective links. These FLV from online sources can be permanently saved using the Save submenu.

Pressing Ctrl-O (the Control and O keys together) opens a file in FLV Direct Player. Each of the files can also be browsed and opened. It can also play several files all at once. The user drags and drops these files onto the player and each of these files will play in their own individual windows. Any .flv file can also be opened from Windows Explorer by double-clicking it. FLV Direct Player supports a number of media formats.

The video playback has the standard controls, which can be customized accordingly. Depending on the network speed and the user’s personal specifications, the quality of the FLV video played can be modified accordingly. There are three options (High, Balanced, and Low) to choose from. The user can toggle full-screen view or normal mode back and forth.