FLV and Media Player (Freeware)

FLV and Media Player is a software designed for opening and playing FLV files. It is a standalone application that does not support other types of video formats, and it does not require installation. The program is delivered as an archive file, thus, launching is done by decompressing and through the double-click command. FLV and Media Player comes with a neat and intuitive interface. It is not crammed with buttons and tabs as menus are, by default, automatically hidden and only appear when the cursor is hovered over the program window.

FLV and Media Player opens saved Flash movies. Users can set the program as the default player for online streaming. Each time an FLV file is opened or whenever the program is launched, a balloon tray automatically pops up, showing all the notifications and stats about the video or files that are being accessed. The displayed stats include: path, resolution, duration, and framerate. Like other full-featured video players, the software comes with standard features such as automatic rewind, smoothing, loop movie tool, peak meter, sleep time, auto start feature, and video playback controls. To set the application as the default FLV player of a computer device, a "set as default" option is located under the Options menu.