Fluent 6.3.26

Dr. Rakesh Mishra (Shareware)

Fluent 6.3.26 is a computer program with advanced capabilities and requires specific knowledge of its operations for optimal usage. This program is specifically designed to model heat transfer and fluid flow. Fluent offers users assistance in solving even the most complex flow problems and possesses superior mesh flexibility at the same time.

This program can generate complex geometries easily. Another function of this utility is to coarsen or refine the grid depending on the flow solution. This application supports the following mesh types: 3D tetrahedral/ pyramid / hexahedral / wedge, as well as 2D triangular/ quadrilateral. This program also supports hybrid meshes.

Fluent @SERC is a complete package that contains the following modules: 1) Fluent version 6.3.26 CFD analysys module, 2) tgrid version 4.0.16 preprocessor, and gambit version 2.3.16 preprocessor. With the appropriate batch schedulers, users of this package can take advantage of the state-of-of the art features of Fluent on the computational batch servers. Meanwhile, any access stations at SERC that has SuSe Linux/Redhat installed can make use of the functions of Gambit and Tgrid.

The jobs done by Fluent can be submitted to serial and parallel machines and sunlx or hplx machines as well. Fluent Documentation provides adequate information on background submission matters as well as program execution.