Flowery Vale 1.0

Big Fish Games (Freeware)

Flowery Vale is a puzzle computer game that has a flower theme. Players must gather all sorts of flowers, which include roses, daisies, and many other varieties. These flowers can be used for decorating a garden or creating flower arrangements. The flowers collected in each level of the game will be used for decorating the main character’s girlfriend’s house. This must be done before she gets back from her trip from Paris.

Players need to complete the tasks correctly before the time runs out. They must fill in the baskets with particular flowers. Basically, the main task is to create combos of flowers, and make explosions. Players must group three or more flowers of the same kinds to “explode” or make them disappear. Everytime an explosion is created, the player gets a point. The more combos are made, the higher the score is. Levels get more difficult as the player progresses in the game. Players also get to know more about the story as they get to higher levels in the game.

Other features of Flowery Vale:
• Users get to play 95 different levels with varying difficulty
• 10 game bonuses included
• Basket progress bar in the game so players can see how many flowers need to be collected