Flower Quest 1

Alawar (Freeware)

Flower Quest is a puzzle video game. In the game, players must help a young sorceress remove evil in a garden. This can be done by matching vines on the game grid in order to connect the flowers. Each level on the screen has a unique game board where tiles with vines and tiles with flowers are placed. Players must rotate the tiles in order to connect them together and eliminate them from the game board. The start and end of the vine must have flowers. When the vines and flowers are eliminated from the board, the tiles are removed. All the tiles must be cleared from the game grid so the player can move on to the next level.

The game offers three modes – Timed, Timeless, and Challenge. In Timed Mode, players must remove all the tiles on the game board before time runs out. In Timeless Mode, players are free to play the game without any time limit. In Challenge Mode, players are given different types of challenges to beat. The game comes with 50 stages of varying difficulty. The first few levels of the game are easy to finish, but it gets more challenging as the player progresses.