Calligra (Freeware)

Flow is a diagram and flowchart tool developed by Calligra. It was released on January 2014, as part of its Calligra Suite. The program enables users to create diagrams and flow charts. It is best used for creating networks, organization charts, and graphs. It features a graphical user interface that looks similar to that of Microsoft Visio. The program features integration support to other programs in the Calligra Suite including Calligra Words.

Flow features a simple grey user interface. The menu bar features options for New, Open, Save, Undo, Redo, Cut, Copy, Paste, and Delete. The main window is flanked on both sides with different tool boxes. The Left panel displays the different tools, as well as the Stencil Box containing different stencil styles. These styles are segregated into different groups including Assorted, BPMN, Building Site, CMOS, Central Data Processing, ChemEng, Chemistry Lab, Circuit, Cisco, and Cybernetics, among many others.

The Right panel shows the Tool Options box, Geometry box, Snapping box, and Stroke and Fill options. Stroke and Fill options enable users to customize the Stroke color, size and opacity, as well as the fill color and opacity. The bottom right corner displays the contents of the document in each layer. It also offers access to Shadow Properties and Stroke Properties.

Flow, along with other programs is contained in the Calligra Suite, including Plan, Sheets, Krita, Karbon, and Words.