Flow Architect Studio 3D 1.8.7

PixelPlan (Shareware)

Developed by PixelPlan, Flow Architect 3D is a three-dimensional modeler for Microsoft Windows. It is meant for use in design presentations for almost any object. These can be buildings, spaces, interiors, floor plans, products, or any object that can be rendered in three-dimensional space that the user wishes to present to an audience. It also includes a “walkthrough” mode that allows users to take their clients “inside” the 3D models so that their clients may see the presented object from a whole host of viewpoints.

Flow Architect 3D is a very in-depth model presentation program. With simple tools and basic 3D modeling knowledge, a user can create a map, instantiate the model, add various objects such as floor plans, lights, and even animations. These can then be compiled in to a single file for distribution towards the user’s clients. Another highly useful feature when doing presentations is the “walkthrough mode”. This allows the users to create a virtual walkthrough of whatever environment is available on the map. These can be distributed via an installer or an executable file. The application can also create these virtual walkthroughs for the web.

Other application features include:
• Saving and publishing to the Internet
• Importing of 3D model data made on other 3D modeling software
• A built in 3D CAD Editor
• A library explorer
• Proprietary 3D engine