Flock, Inc. (Freeware)

Flock is a web browser program developed and published by Flock, Inc. It was initially released on April 11, 2005. This browser specializes in giving Web 2.0 and social networking facilities, which are built into its interface. It is Round Two’s successor and is built on the Chromium technology.

Flock web browser offers the following features:

• Social Networking Sites Integration – The program is integrated with various social networking websites such as Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, Gmail, Blogger, and more. The program can track all updates from friends including uploaded images, profiles, and others. A search functionality is also available for Twitter. It also features multi-casting of status to several websites. Instant message through Facebook chat is also available.
• Sharing Features – This web browser can be used for sharing just about everything online. Aside from status updates that can be multi-cast to different websites, Flock can also be used to share news, videos, and others. A Talk button is also available for sharing updates to other users.
• Flock Sidebar – This feature serves as Flock’s center of activity. This sidebar provides updated notifications with social streams and feed content. This allow users to stay on the current webpage while still getting updated with other feeds.
• Channel Surf the Web sidebar – This feature works like a TV channel. There is a channel changer functionality, which allows users to filter how the browser displays social network updates.
• Browser Extensions – Flock’s functions can be used with extensions that allow users to personalize and customize the browser according to preference.

Development of Flock web browser was discontinued on April 26, 2011.