FliteMap/FliteStar Application

Jeppesen, Inc. (Shareware)

FliteMap/FliteStar Application is a state-of-the-art flight planner, which user can install on a laptop or personal computer. This advanced program is also a map application, with the latest version having improved features such as:
• Temporary Flight Restriction (TFR) NOTAMs display
• Terrain depiction
• Radio frequency report that is customizable and capable of a number of radius search patterns
• Cloud bases based on weather data for the entire flight route displayed in profile view
• Wind aware routing for more accurate optimization of fuel, time, and distance

FliteMap/FliteStar Application is a program that also provides downloaded weather information from the Internet. The application is particularly enhanced tool that allow for TFR NOTAMs downloading in one quick step. The TFRs are capable of useful functions such as clear depiction on the electronic map display, latest TFR information for a more updated flight route, and direct downloads from the authorities—the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA).

FliteMap/FliteStar Application users now have a better tool for determining fuel allocations. This can used to compute reserve requirements and fuel load to and from the destination. Users can also subscribe to service updates that they can get along with NavData updates. In this way, they receive relevant data for the flight.