E-Book Systems Inc. (Shareware)

FlipViewer is an application used for viewing published content in FlipBook format. FlipBooks are produced by programs that can publish OEB Package Format Files, or OPF. Some of these programs include FlipAlbum and FlipPublisher. Reading books made with these programs is made possible with this viewing application.

This application lets the user view documents, webpages, manuals, and catalogs as if they are reading a real book. The user can turn the pages as in a book and watch the pages come alive with visual animations. After viewing a page, the user simply needs to click on the next page to see what comes next. The software can also control the "book" by automatically turning the pages after a few seconds. The program also lets the user change the size of the FlipBook. When resized, the layout of the book will correspond to the length and width of the program. When the file has audio, the track will also be streamed on the interface.

With FlipViewer, the user can keep a library of FlipBooks, which he can read or browse using this program. A FlipBook can also be printed from the viewer if the user wants to have a physical copy of the published album or document.