FlipToast 1.05

W3i, LLC (Freeware)

FlipToast is a desktop client for social networking sites (Facebook and Twitter). The program sits on the desktop and allows users to access their accounts without having to open a web browser window. The application is a toolbar that is placed on the side of the desktop and it can be hidden anytime. The toolbar is used to access activity on Facebook and Twitter. Users can be notified when there are updates and messages received on their account. It can also be used for posting status messages, opening links from posts, and responding to tweets. Notifications are displayed in a list and users can click on the arrow beside each notification to expand it.

FlipToast has a drag and drop feature that allows users to upload photos just by dragging and dropping the file to the application. The program’s orientation is also customizable. The FlipToast toolbar can be docked on the left or right side of the desktop. New notifications can appear at the bottom or top of the list.

Here are other features of the FlipToast application:
• Easy to use
• Single click support for different tasks
• Doesn’t clog computer resources

FlipToast is available for Windows, Metro, iOS, and Mac OSX.