FlippingBook PDF Publisher 1.0

Web Stunning (Shareware)

Flipping Book PDF Publisher is an application used for adding a flipbook on a personal or professional website. It can also be used for creating presentations to be transferred to CDs and DVDs. Users can create a flipbook from one or several PDF files. Some of the features of the application are the following:

• Hotkey Functions – Commands that are commonly utilized when using the application can have designated hotkeys, so users can use the commands just by pressing particular keys on the keyboard.
• Embed Links – Links to different websites can be embedded on the flipbook. This allows viewers to visit the website just by clicking on the link from the flipbook.
• Flipbook Feel – The program enables viewers to see the document just like how it would appear on a physical flipbook. When navigating to a different page, the pages flip like a real book.
• Webcam Motion Control – Aside from flipping the book using the mouse or keyboard, viewers can also use their webcam to turn pages by waving a hand in front of the camera.
• Search Tool – The program’s built-in search tool allows users to find specific words or phrases within the flipbook.

Flipping Book PDF Publisher has an intuitive interface that is easy to use even for beginners. There are also online tutorials on the program’s official website.