FlipCreator Team (Shareware)

FlipCreator is an application used for creating interactive digital publications such as interactive documents and eBooks. Its unique feature is its ability to create efficient "flip" functions from one page of the document to the next. To use the program, the user simply needs to import an existing document into the program. This can be done through file browser menu or through the "Add PDF" button, which can be found at the upper portion of the interface. When the document is already on the interface, the user can perform a number of editing functions. For example, text can be highlighted to create links. Video can also be added to the document. This is also possible through the "Add video" button at the top. The interactive document can also be supplemented with a background audio track. This makes the document play the music file while a viewer is reading the publication. Each page can have a different audio track.

The application provides mobile support for popular iOS and Android devices. The user will need to select this option so that viewers may be able to play the interactive document from their iPads, iPhones, and Android tablets and phones. The publication may also be saved as an EXE file.
Additionally, the publication can be protected with a password.