FlipBook 6.86

DigiCel, Inc. (Shareware)

The FlipBook program allows users to draw images and animate these on the computer, both of which can be facilitated using a mouse. This application permits the user to keep track of all drawings and animated clips using thumbnail images, and instantly play it back with or without sound effects. There are specially designed tools to assist users in the creation of images and animated clips, eliminating the complicated steps that may sometimes come with other animating programs. Users can zoom, pan, rotate, dissolve, blur, and even export movies that can be posted online or played on a compatible television.

It also has a number of features to make image capturing easier and faster. Users can adjust the transparency of the paper so one can see through layers. Once the rough drawings are done, these are ready to finalize. This step is done by drawing solid lines in one layer placed over the rough illustration. Once cleaned up, the drawing is ready to be painted.

FlipBook also comes with a scanning capability. Users can scan drawings using this application directly into the frame where the roughs are placed so the program can clean up the images and smudges and register the drawing automatically. FlipBook has a wide range of painting tools to help users save time, avoid mistakes, and improve quality of output.