Flip Words

HipSoft LLC (Proprietary)

Flip Words is a word puzzle game developed by HipSoft in 2004. Flip Words requires players to guess a phrase by finding words using letters on the board. For every word guessed, the first letter of that word will be revealed on the phrase, if the letter is used in the phrase. For example, the phrase is Good luck. If the player finds a GHOST in the board, G will be revealed in the phrase. If the player finds PET, then no letter will be revealed, as there is no P used in the phrase.

Flip Words interface shows a board on the right panel containing the red letters that can be used. To form a word, only adjacent letters may be used. Letters may not be used twice in the same word. On the left side of the game interface are the Score, Round number, and the number of turns that may be used for that round. This panel will also show the current word being formed. Players may choose to submit the word or shuffle the letters with the green buttons provided. The phrase to be guessed is shown at the top panel. This panel shows the number of words in the phrase and the number of letters for each word. Even without completing all the letters and words, players may choose to guess the phrase by clicking the Guess Word button.