Flip 3.4.5 3.4.7

Atmel (Shareware)

Flip 3.4.5 is a program developed by Atmel to serve as an in-system programming tool for flash devices. It is a compact and lightweight solution that is easy to apply. The developer of Flip 3.4.5, Atmel Corporation is a reputable global name in the manufacturing and design of products such as microcontrollers, memory and RF components, and advanced logic solutions, among others. System solutions from Atmel such as Flip 3.4.5 are applicable in numerous areas such as security, computing, automotive, and communications.

Flip 3.4.5 is an open-source USB boot loader that is meant for a number of different devices such as CAN, USB, and RS232. It is specifically meant to work in accordance with AVR that has built-in USB functionality. This utility is capable of programming an AVR without the need for other hardware or for extensive programming training.

There are two available installation files for Flip 3.4.5. The first one is equipped to deal with JRE or Java run-time environment. The second one is designed for non-JRE virtual environments. This program is available for download from the developer’s website. Flip 3.4.5 runs on Windows and Linux operating systems. This program is easy to use even for those who are not computer savvy.