Flight1 ATR 72-500 2.1

Flight1 Software, Inc. (Bundled)

The Flight1 ATR 72-500 is an add-on aircraft exclusively designed for the Flight Simulator platform developed by Microsoft. The simulation aircraft was developed in cooperation with the original company behind the aircraft, Avions de Transport Regional, or ATR. The simulation program enables users to experience flying that particular plane model, a type of commuter aircraft.

The simulation plane almost completely recreates the 72-500, even its sound. It features the recorded sound of a real 72-500 engine and its cockpit controls. Simulation pilots can choose to fly from the First Officer’s panel or from the Captain’s seat. The plane features a fully-functional, detailed cockpit in blue and gray. There are working windshield wipers that may be used when the weather conditions call for them. Users may also walk around the virtual 3D cabin. The seating and interior color schemes may customized; users can choose from four color schemes and two seating configurations.

In addition, the Configuration Manager of the ATR 72-500 allows users to select from one of the following startup settings:

• Power On – all systems are running and users will just need to set up the FMC and radios
• Cold and Dark – the plane is in “off” mode, and users will need to perform the full startup procedure
• Engines Running – the plane is all ready to taxi down the runway