Flight Data Recorder

Eagle Tree Systems, LLC (Shareware)

Flight Data Recorder is primarily designed for logging of data as well as transmission of data when wireless telemetry and data recording are required. This program is intended for use with remote-controlled models such as airplanes, cars, and boats. It is an application intended for recreational use only. Flight Data Recorder works only for the system for which it is meant to work otherwise there is a risk for injury to persons and damage to property.

Flight Data Recorder by Eagle Tree Systems, LLC is one component of a control system that includes a wireless telemetry dashboard transmitter and receiver, airspeed tubes, RPM sensor with magnets, temperature sensor, USB cable, Servo Y cables, a plastic clip for the mounting dashboard, and an optional rubber antenna. With the Racer Expansion Pack, which is optional users of the program have the means to log RPM and the engine temperature.

This system supports a minimum of 24 MPH in airspeed and a maximum of 150 MPH, but slower speed support as well as higher speed support may be downloadable. This program allows users to keep track of the vehicle that they control so that it reaches its destination and returns to its origin without incident. In addition, the controller can also immediately apply troubleshooting should there be any glitches.