FlexTk Express 4.8.32

Flexense Computing Systems Ltd. (Freeware)

FlexTk Express is a file management application that allows users to detect the duplicate files in the system and remove them in order to make more space for other files or programs. The program can also be used to organize files and analyze the utilization of disks in the system. The program comes with several tools that will make file management easier. Although the program’s main interface has several tools and functions, it is simple and easy to use even for those who are not computer savvy.

On the main window, users can see all the command buttons and tools at the upper portion of the window. This includes Sync, Search, Organize, Classify, Analyze, CleanUp, and others. Users can also see a summary of all the disk drives in the system including the disk name, disk type, total space available, total space used, status, and the different tools available. FlexTk Express supports both local disks and external drives.

Here are the other key features of the FlexTk Express application:

• Capable of physically removing all personal and sensitive information from disks
• Recognizes and deletes duplicate files to make more space in the system
• Can be used to categorize and classify different kinds of files
• Support for copying large amounts of data