Flexible Renamer 8.4

Naru (Freeware)

Flexible Renamer is a file and folder renaming software developed and released in March 2011 by Naru. This program enables users to customize the file names of files and folders either by batch or singly. It utilizes several renaming methods including copying and substituting terms. It can also rename files by reordering letters, attaching numbers and characters, or translating names. This program also utilizes flexible filters which enables users to specify included and excluded items. It can also customize the date and time stamp on files and folders.

Naru’s Flexible Renamer is a portable application that may be run from the desktop without need for installation. It features a typical Windows interface with the right panel showing the controls and command menu. The right hand panel also features filter options as well as the Rename button. The interface main view is a gridded display that shows the current files selected, current location, and the new name to be applied to the selected files. Advanced Rename button provide users with an option to rename files or folders through Wild Card, Translation, or Regular Expression methods. It can be particularly useful when batch renaming files to fit to an existing sequence. The interface also features Tag Rename button which enables users to rename files by adding tags as to their type or attributes.