Goldshell Digital Media (Shareware)

Individuals who want to create Flash format text effects can maximize the features of Flax. This utility functions as a standalone projector file but it can also be exported either as HTML Flash page or SWF file.

FlaX is a program that provides users with 120 effects that are all ready to use. This program has numerous features including tools that allow users to add background images, a means of adding sound effects using MP3 files, and a real-time preview function. In addition, FlaX also allows users to customize effects. These new affects can then be saved thus allowing for the expansion of the designer’s effects library.

FlaX boasts of a user-friendly interface. The user can choose from a variety of parameters such as effects, size, color, and angle. Tools are available which enable the users to fine tune their text creations. With these functionalities, FlaX is successful in making the task of creating text effects in Flash easier and faster. This program can also be used along with other design tools.

FlaX is developed by Goldshell Digital Media. It consists of 17 individual files and takes up minimal space at only 1.45 MB on the desktop. Flax is compatible with Windows XP and Windows 7 OS.