Flatout 2

Bugbear Entertainment (Proprietary)

FlatOut 2 is a racing game created by Bugbear Entertainment and published by Vivendi Universal Games and Empire Interactive. It was initially released on June 30, 2006 in Europe and August 1, 2006 in North America. The game is part of the FlatOut series and it is the direct sequel to the first FlatOut installment. The theme of this racing game is more focused on import tuner scene/street racing. Furthermore, this installment now features tire grips and the players have more control over their cars.

FlatOut 2 has two gameplays – Single Player and Multiplayer. There are several game modes for both Single Player and Multiplayer gameplays. The Single Player has the Career mode, Single Race, Single Stunt, Single Event and Single Derby. The Multiplayer gameplay has the Party Mode, Online and LAN. Online Multiplayer mode allows players to compete against up to seven online players in Rag Doll Game, Destruction Derby or Race game modes. There’s also an option to create a game in the Online Multiplayer mode.

Aside from the single player and multiplayer gameplays, the game also has the Rag Doll Mini-games. There are a total of 12 mini-games where players can obtain points and have the chance to become a Rag Doll Champion. The goal of these mini-games is for players to shoot themselves out of their vehicles and finish objectives such as hitting a particular spot on a dartboard, knocking down bowling pins, flying through flaming hoops and more.