FlashSFV 2.6

Charles DeWeese (Freeware)

FlashSFV is a system utility designed to handle SFV files. It is developed by Charles DeWeese and was released in July 2007. SFV stands for Simple File Verification. It is a file format that stores file checksums useful for file integrity verification. The SFV file system can detect file corruptions that generate randomly. This program makes it possible to create and open SFV files. It also supports the functions of SFV as to detecting file corruptions and missing or bad file parts.

FlashSFV features a simple blue-and-white user interface. The interface features a window with a small panel located on the left. It features options for New, Open, Check, Abort, Display, Options, and About. A table shows the scanned files with their corresponding file sizes. The bottom panel of the window shows two progress bars showing the scan status of a current file, and the scan status for the whole batch. They are the File Progress and Total Progress bars, respectively. The status bar shows  the number of files that are still unchecked, the number of those that have missing parts, and those with good and bad sectors. This layout may be changed in the Options menu under the Toolbar layout option. The Options menu also enables users to specify whether to associate FlashSFV with file types other than SFV, including MD5. This menu box also allows users to create an Explorer shortcut in the context menu.