FlashRip 2.0

Flashrip, Inc. (Shareware)

FlashRip is an application that enables users to rip audio and video streams from online sources. It is capable of ripping media files from HTTP, RTSP, RTMP, and MMS streams. It is an easy program to use because of its intuitive layout and automatic mode. The clean interface provides users with access to most of the operations and the automatic mode shows users all of the media files that are currently playing in the browser, so that users can rip files from streams even when they are currently watching or listening to them. With this media ripping tool, users can pause or play the current selection, start or stop downloading, delete selected files, and open the folder where the ripped file is saved in.

FlashRip also lets users convert ripped files into various formats, including WMA, MP3, MOV, MKV, AAC, to name a few. The converted files may be saved to the same folder as the source file or saved in another location. To rip audio, users can simply open a stream such as Soundcloud and copy the track’s link. They can then run FlashRip, select “Enter URL to Rip” from the File menu, and paste the copied link to the edit box. Clicking on “OK” will begin the ripping process. Users can choose to preset conversion, so that the program will automatically convert the ripped audio file to their selected format upon completion of the ripping process.