FlashPaste Application 5.9

Softvoile (Shareware)

FlashPaste is a text copying application developed by Softvoile. It is particularly used to type and use text templates in order to extend the basic clipboard function available in Windows. With this application, users no longer have to copy and paste several texts repeatedly. Instead, the application allows users to use hotkeys to paste desired material.

The program works by storing a list of frequently used texts such as words, greetings, phrases, email address, and others. The user then enters these materials into the program. When the user needs to copy and paste one of the items in the list, the user only has to use the chosen hotkey to insert that material.

FlashPaste offers three main features:

• Smart Text Insertion – The program features a String Selection dialog box, which is used for choosing the string or text to be pasted/copied to the selected program (i.e. Word, Email client, etc…). By default, the program offers a predefined set of strings. Users can also manually add text they frequently use.
• Clipboard History – FlashPaste offers the Clipboard History which is used for saving text fragments that have recently been put into the clipboard. Windows has its own clipboard function. However, this function only allow the user to insert the last copied text. The program, on the other hand, has the ability to store all the copied text/words/numbers/etc., allowing users to reuse them anytime they want.
• Macros Creation – The program is capable of creating macros as well. Macros are strings either processed or replaced by a program. With this feature, users can insert commands that can emulate the Enter or Tab key functions, paste current date and time, and others.