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FlashMute is a simple application designed to control the audio component of Flash movies viewed online. With this program, the sound of Flash movies can easily be dialed up or down. It is easily accessible via the system tray. The sound of the movie being watched can be muted or un-muted with a single click. This freeware can be downloaded from the Internet and used immediately by anyone with a laptop or personal computer.

FlashMute also provides users with additional options, which can be accessed through a pop-up menu that is revealed with a right-click on the tray icon. Some of the options available are enabling mute function in the browser and enabling hot-key function via Ctrl+Alt+m. The hot-key combination works as effectively in muting the sound of the movie as the click method. The program offers configuration options as well.

I addition to blocking movies being watched on the Web, there are additional functions such as blocking embedded midi files from a browser. With this utility, it is also possible to block all browser-based audio outputs. It leaves alone other programs so that users can listen to a playlist on their favorite music players without any interruption. FlashMute is a lightweight application for computer systems running on Windows OS.