FlashJester Jugglor Engine 3.1

3rd Eye Solutions (Shareware)

FlashJester Jugglor Engine is an application used for turning Adobe Flash and Projector files into stand-alone applications. Jugglor is available in two editions – Pro and Standard. Jugglor features a wizard interface. Building an application from a projector file is a step-by-step process, wherein the user must select the settings and options offered by each step (section) before proceeding to the next one. The first step is the Flash Details section, wherein the user needs to select the Flash file to juggle. This section also provides options such as Title, Juggled Filename, File Path, File Size and Flash Movie Info. There’s also an option to convert SWF files to Flash Projector Files. After setting the details in the first section, the next section is the ActiveX Settings section, which includes three set of settings for the Juggled program. These are ActiveX Settings, General Settings and Desktop Toy.

The third section is the Setup Settings section, which is the main functional section of the program. This section allows users to control different aspects of the juggled files including Sound, Mouse/Keyboard Interaction, Icon Tray and more. The fourth section is the Icons that provides customization settings for the cursors and icons of the Juggled application. The next section is the Additional Files, where users can add more files needed for the application to be built. The sixth section is the JTools that offers set of extensions and utilities to Jugglor. The next section is the Audio Files section that provides options to add music to the Juggled program. The last step is the Build section. This section provides necessary settings to build the Juggled program.