Trend Media Corporation Limited (Freeware)

FlashGet3, previously known as JetCar, is a download manager program developed by Trend Media Corporation Ltd. The program can increase the stability and speed of download to up to 6-10x with the help of the Optimization Arithmetic and Multi-server Hyper-threading Transportation (MHT) technique it uses. It has support for multiple protocols including BT, HTTP, RTSP, MMS and more. Integration with most web browsers (i.e. Google Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, etc) is also featured in the program. It can be used for downloading a sequence of files. Downloading from several locations is also possible. The program features One Touch technique, which optimizes downloading of BT protocol. It also downloads target files automatically right after collecting seeds information.

FlashGet3 utilizes low system resources when downloading. It does not affect normal activities. It also automatically calls antivirus programs to check and fix spyware, viruses and adware right after downloads are done. File management features are available as well. It has support for unlimited categories, wherein each category is provided with a separate download saving directory. The application can also split the files into several sections. Users can also customize the application by changing the skin. There is also a notification area where users can receive messages.

FlashGet3 offers advanced settings, which includes the following options:

• Opening of files right after download
• User original URL only
• Leave comments
• Login to server