Flash Video Studio

IncrediTools (Freeware)

Flash Video Studio is a tool that is used to convert video files to FLV and Adobe Flash format. It is able to produce high quality Flash video output and supports all Flash video compression formats for encoding, including Sorenson or Flash MX, Flash 8 Videos, Flash 8 + Alpha, and the new MPEG4 and AVC formats. It can also convert videos to H264, a video encoding format that has an excellent quality but with a small file size. Input video files can be in any format. This application supports Microsoft video files such as WMV, AVI, and ASF; DVD VOB files; DIVX, MPEG video files; and wireless video or mobile phone files such as 3G2 and 3GP.

Aside from its file conversion functionality, Flash Video Studio also enables users to do basic editing on their video settings. Users can add watermarks to videos, which can be anything from text, an animated GIF, a transparent image in PNG format, to a static image. Users can also apply special effects such as sepia, emboss, and motion blur. Videos may be trimmed and mixed with a secondary audio, such as a narration or background music in WMA, MP3, and WAV format. The video quality, compression setting, video size, and frame rate can be adjusted. Users may also add subtitles as they wish.