Flash to Video Encoder 4.5

GeoVid (Shareware)

Flash to Video Encoder is a utility used for converting Flash files into different video file formats. It supports input of FLV and SWF files. The program has a small user interface that is intuitive. It is ideal for both beginners and advanced users alike. Flash files can be imported to the application using the browser on the main window. Users can then configure the conversion settings by choosing the video and audio settings, as well as the width, height, and duration for the video file. After configuring the settings, users can click on the “Start” button at the lower right portion of the main window to start the conversion process.

Flash to Video Encoder can be used for different purposes, such as for creating movies, editing Flash videos, and saving Flash games into another video format for later use. The program also supports conversion of Flash files to the MP4 video format, so output files can be compatible with different mobile devices. More of the program’s main features are as follows:

• Supports a wide variety of codecs that are already installed on computers
• Support for automatically setting the movie’s duration
• Simple user interface that is easy to navigate
• Does not skip the Flash file frames when converting