Flash Slideshow Maker 5.20 (Shareware)

Flash Slideshow Maker is a program used for creating animated slideshows. It allows users to come up with slideshows in the SWF (Marcomedia Flash) format. The program can perform four main tasks. These are:

• Flash gallery – Users can create professional looking Flash slideshows from digital photos. The application comes with built-in templates that make it easier for beginners to come up with photo galleries.
• Flash banner – Flash Slideshow Maker can also be used for creating Flash banners to use on personal and professional websites.
• Music Flash slideshow – Background music can be added to the XML photo slideshow to tell a story and set the mood of the photo gallery.
• Web albums – All the slideshows created with the application can be shared and played on different sites, such as Blogger, Facebook, and Wordpress.

Flash Slideshow Maker comes with more than 60 slideshow templates. There are templates for different occasions, too. The application has a drag and drop feature that makes it easier to come up with slideshow presentations. Users can simply drag a photo and drop it to the program’s interface to add it to the slideshow. The photos can also be re-arranged by dragging and dropping.