Flash Renamer 6.72

RL Vision (Shareware)

Flash Renamer is a file renaming program developed by RL Vision and released on November 2010. This program is especially designed for renaming Flash Video files. It is most useful when renaming batches of files or multiple FLV files simultaneously to conserve time. The renaming function can be further customized by adding keyword strings at particular positions. Aside from the renaming function, this program also enables users to add metadata information to specific Flash video files. This program also supports other file types including image files and music files.

Flash Renamer features a grey user interface. The top window shows a checkbox list of file types to be included—Files, Folders, and Subfolders. It also includes the process type to be used: Process Name, Process Extension, or both. The right panel features a tabbed preview table showing the selected files for renaming under the Browser tab, and the renaming preset options under the Preset Manager tab. The left panel shows buttons for General options, MP3, Numbers, Advanced, and Presets. General renaming options include tabs for Replace, Casing, Add & Remove, and Trim Spaces. Replace tab allows users to find specific keywords and replace the same. The find and rename function can be configured to be case sensitive. This tab also features the Batch replace function of this program.