Flash Player Pro 5.81 (Shareware)

Flash Player Pro is an application that enables users to play multimedia and video files in EXE or SWF (Flash) format. It has a simple interface that makes it easy for both beginners and advanced users to use. It also comes with a comprehensive guide that users can consult. Searching for multimedia files is done using the file browser or the tree view located at the left side of the screen. The videos may be shown in a list or as thumbnails. When a video file is selected, the application shows the video’s details, and users can sort their videos according to time created, file size, or file name.

Flash Player Pro includes the following features:

• File conversion – users can convert EXE files to SWF and vice-versa. The output directory location can be set, and users also have the option to remove original files.
• File downloading – this application can be used to download Flash movies from the Internet. Users can specify where the downloaded files will be stored.
• Manage files – users can move, copy, rename, or delete Flash files
• Take screenshots - the screenshot images will be saved as BMP files that can be used as the desktop wallpaper.
• Display options – these allow users to zoom in or out of a Flash movie or switch to full screen mode.