Flash & Media Capture 2.2.240

MetaProducts corp. (Shareware)

Flash & Media Capture is a plug-in application intended for Microsoft Internet Explorer that plays and saves Flash applets, videos, and images. A toolbar is provided to save Flash applets, videos, and images in user-specified folders. For instance, every image in an image gallery may be saved on a hard disk’s folder. Images from different and numerous Web pages may all be saved using the program.

Program interface is easy to use, and contains image file save options as well as the preview panel. The latter enables a user to view images and objects before they are stored into folders. Program toolbar is also where the Settings window may be accessed. Image dimension may also be designated to skip and save automatically. The autosave function may easily be turned on and turned off. Online videos such as those of MySpace, Google, and YouTube, can also be saved as long as they are in the FLV format. Saving of online videos may be done by going to the video page, waiting for videos to load, and clicking on the program’s Video cache button, which is located at the toolbar. The program can also be used with Maxthon browsers, but its functionality is not available in other well-known browsers such as Opera and Firefox.