Flash Intro Banner Maker 4.0

Aleo Software Inc (Shareware)

Flash Intro Banner Maker is a program for creating Flash banners, intros, greeting cards, and slideshows. The program is designed so that users with no knowledge of Flash will be able to create projects easily. Flash projects created with the application can be used on blogs and websites. The program has a wizard interface that guides users through the steps of creating a Flash project.

The main window displays the different steps in creating a Flash project – Movie, Background, Background effects, Text effects, Web links, and Publish.

• Movie – Users can tweak the options for creating a Flash movie. Some of the settings include the movie properties (width, height, and frame rate), border properties, and background sound.
• Background – This window shows the settings for the background color, background images and movies, and the background properties (position).
• Text – Flash Intro Banner Maker comes with preset text effects that users can choose from. The properties, such as the font, effect, position, web link, and timing, can also be changed.
• Publish – Projects created with the application can be published as a Flash movie in the .swf format, a GIF image in .gif format, and as an AVI video.

More helpful information about the application can be viewed on the application’s website.