Flash and Pics Control 2.4

UnH Solutions (Freeware)

Flash and Pics Controls is a Web browser plugin that enables users to disable or enable Web objects, such as Java applets, Java script, ActiveX, cookies, pictures, and Flash animation. Upon installing the program, a small button is added to the web browser toolbar. This can then be accessed by clicking, and users just have to place or remove the checkmarks beside each item to disable or enable them. Additionally, the program has a control panel where users can tweak more options, such as refreshing the web browser and setting the Internet Explorer executable. The program supports Internet Explorer Web browsers that are 5.5 and higher. It also supports other Internet Explorer based browsers, such as Maxthon and Avant.

Disabling some of the items that load when visiting a website can make the page’s loading time faster. It also lessens the amount of incoming traffic. Furthermore, users can disable some of the components when visiting websites that may consist of threats that are hidden on Flash banners and ActiveX components. Disabling them will make the web browser and the computer less vulnerable.

Here are the other key features of the Flash and Pics Controls program:

• Support for automatically restarting the browser
• Easy to use with the integrated button
• Does not eat up a lot of system resources