Flash 5.0

Macromedia, Inc. (Shareware)

Macromedia Flash 5.0 is a software application used in the creation of sophisticated animated websites. It allows for high impact animations through the use of the application’s compact file formats. The program is commonly used in creating Web based applications such as cartoons. Its features include files being played while being downloaded, thus despite a slow Internet connection one can still watch animations. The application is equipped with a multitude of features such as a Movie Explorer, a Macromedia Flash Player, New Macromedia User Interface, Shared Symbol Libraries, SmartClips, Enhanced MP3 Streaming, Web native printing, HTML text support and XML transform just to name a few.  The InstallShield Wizard guides a user for quick and proper installation.  

The program can also immediately be used after the latter along with an encoded serial number have been done.  The program’s user interface has also been streamlined and made intuitive and efficient.  For example, one can customize length of series of scenes, and tweak other animation settings through the Timeline bar.  With its enhancements, Flash 5.0 is better able to benefit new users of its program as well as users who have previously used other similar design tools.  Equipped with numerous layout, design and choreography tools, Flash 5.0 provides utmost professional designers and developers utility to expert and skillful users with swiftness and reliability.