FLAC frontend 1.7

Speek (Open Source)

FLAC frontend is a program that enables seamless FLAC audio conversion processes through its efficient and capable graphical user interface. FLAC frontend has been designated as FLAC’s default interface.  FLAC means Free Lossless Audio Codec. It is a leading codec used for loss-free audio compression. It is also an audio format that is analogous to the MP3, but it is lossless, meaning that the audio that is compressed in the FLAC format does not lose any of its quality.  Compressed FLAC files just like any MP3 files can be played back using any audio player. FLAC frontend provides a batch file specifically for flac.exe and effectuates it.

The software’s multi-platform approach and simplicity in usage made the software a fundamental part of its developer’s distribution files. One of the software’s best features is that any number of WAV files
from various locations and folders can be loaded and encoded in a single operation. The user can specify if encoded FLAC files are designated in the folder containing the source WAV file, or in a folder created by the user.  The application’s interface can also convert OGG and FLAC audio files to uncompressed WAV files. In addition, FLAC frontend includes a very simple, yet useful tag editor that enables a user to specify the album, artist, genre and year of processed audio tracks.