FixWin Utility 1.2 (Shareware)

FixWin is a Windows system utility program developed by Ramesh Kumar and published by This application is used to fix common Windows problems. The program’s interface is straightforward. After launching the program, it shows a single-window screen with several categories on the left side corresponding to general Windows categories.  

FixWin’s welcome screen offers two suggestions before using the program. These suggestions include system scan and restore point. The system scanner allows the program to scan the entire system for possible issues while the restore point creates a system restore point so users can revert back to its original state if needed.

FixWin offer the following fixes:

• Windows Explorer – This category provides fixes for different Windows Explorer aspects including fixing the recycle bin, games explorer, explorer.exe, thumbnails, and more.  
• Internet and Connectivity – The program also provides solutions for fixes various Internet and connectivity aspects including repairing connection or resetting TCP/IP, fixing IE icon, enabling/disabling right click IE context menu, and more.
• Windows Media – FixWin can also fix some common problems with the Windows Media Player including error messages, slideshow errors, compositing mixer, and the like.
• System Tools – This category provides fixes for common system tools problems including the registry editor, command prompt, task manager, windows defender and more.
• Additional Fixes – some of the additional fixes include sticky notes restoration, aero snap dysfunction, hibernate/hybrid features, Windows sidebar gadgets restoration, and more.