FixMyRegistry 9.0


FixMyRegistry is an application that optimizes the Windows Operating System by fixing errors in the registry database. The Windows registry is a key component for any computer to operate well. This program fixes the errors by searching the system registry for any outdated, incomplete, and faulty entries. When it finds these entries, it fixes the error either by updating the registry or deleting it. Furthermore, it ensures that it keeps itself updated with the latest known registry errors by having a dedicated server online. This is done to provide up-to-date fixes for the Windows Registry.

FixMyRegistry focuses on the the following key areas: File associations, ActiveX entries, startup programs and COM. The program also checks on Invalid shortcuts, file extensions, fonts, system services, and software settings. After the program scans the entire registry, it lists down all the errors found in the database. It can fix the issues automatically with just a simple button click. Modifications can also be undone.

FixMyRegistry runs automatically when the computer starts. While it does not create backups or allows selecting of what entries should be fixed, it repairs all the registry errors. It runs on a moderate amount of system memory. It also has user documentation.