FixBee Disk Optimizer

FixBee., ( (Freeware)

FixBee Disk Optimizer is a program used for cleaning and optimizing the system in order for it to run faster. The program has a simple interface with two main parts – Disk Optimizer and System CleanUp. Under Disk Optimizer, users can choose a hard drive from the drop-down menu to optimize. The “Start Scan Now” button must be clicked to start the process. When the scanning begins, the program first analyzes the disc before optimizing it. Users can see this on the progress bar on the main window. Dots on the screen are also color-coded. Green dots are files that are optimized, red dots are fragmented files, yellow dots are for used space, blue dots are system files, and grey dots represent free space in the system. After scanning, the results window shows the computer’s optimization score, as well as the contiguous free space.

FixBee Disk Optimizer can also be used to clean up the system in order to get rid of errors and junk files that may be causing the computer to slow down. After scanning the system, the results will show a list of junk files, temporary files, and empty folders. From the list, users can check boxes beside each item and click the “CleanUp” button to remove these items from the system.