Fix RegCleaner 1.0

CheeseSoft Inc. (Freeware)

The primary function of CheeseSoft’s Fix RegCleaner is to scan the entire Windows registry and detect any obsolete or invalid entries. It utilizes a high-end detection algorithm for quick identification. Once it is done, it provides a list of the errors found. From this list, the user can identify which ones are to be deleted or simply repaired. For protection purposes, the program will also automatically back up the repaired files so that they can be easily recovered if needed.

The Fix RegCleaner is featured with different utilities that enable to the user not just to repair the system but also to clean up junk files, protect privacy, erase IE history, and block ActiveX to prevent the attacks of malware, adware, and spyware. Moreover, it has what is called a file splitter and joiner toolkit that allows the splitting of large files. These smaller chunks can later be put together again even without the aid of the program. The program is equipped with a recovery password tool that will allow the user to access the passwords that have been previously inputted in the computer. It can also do a complete clean-up of the history records so that it cannot be accessed again by anyone.  

The utilization of auto scan is recommended especially for non-technical users. But for those who are adept at using computers, a custom scan or manual clean up can be employed.