Fix-it-up: Kate's Adventure 1

World-LooM (Shareware)

Fix-it-up: Kate’s Adventure is a time management game that was first released in 2008. In the game, the lead character, Kate, has just returned from college to his father’s garage that is in bad state. Kate then decides to help her father fix up the garage by buying and fixing cars and cleaning vehicles. The profit gained from doing these activities can then be used to fix up and improve the appearance of the garage. The game is divided into levels. In each level, player must achieve the minimum amount of money stated on the game window before the day is up. Players must replay the level upon failing to complete the objective.

The game window displays a view of the garage. Player can view the number of bays and the number of slots the garage can accommodate. The bottom part of the main window displays the time remaining for the level, the number of spare parts available to use for repairing cars, the number of employees, and the total amount of finances the player has. The first few levels allow the player to get to know the basics of the game. The levels get more difficult to beat as the game progresses.