Fix-it-up 80'ties: Meet Kate's Parents 1.0

World-LooM (Shareware)

Fix-it-Up 80s: Meet Kate's Parents is a time management game developed by World-LooM and published by G5 Games. It follows the story of a young woman named Kate, who pays her father a visit one day to learn about his career success story. The player assumes the role Kate’s parents, Frank and Mary, as they relive each moment of their past experiences in the auto repair shop. At the beginning, the player must fulfill the demands and wishes of a very imposing boss in exchange for a small salary. The amount of tasks coupled with a time limit is challenging, but Frank and Mary’s dedication to their work along with good relationships with friends keep them going even during tough times. The couple gradually makes their way up as the game progresses and they start opening up new branches and acquire new skills.

Players can choose between the Story mode and Endless mode. The former comes with 45 levels and eight different locations, which can be enhanced by earning a silver medal in a level. In the game, the player is provided with a workshop, which can be set up at a specific location. Here, the player can build various establishments such as a car wash, paint store, and tuning station, wherein numerous cars arrive regularly. These cars can be purchased and improved upon in order to gain profit when they are sold again.