Fishing Simulator For Relax 3.07

Switlle Media (Shareware)

Fishing Simulation for Relax is a game that allows users to simulate fishing in different relaxing locations. The game is especially designed to make users relax. The game allows users to play the game solo or join contests in online game mode. There are several locations to choose from when playing. Users must first cast a line by clicking the left mouse button and moving the fishing rod in a specific direction. When a fish takes the bait, the word “Hit!” will be displayed on the screen. Players must take note of the line tension when reeling in fish, as they may get away. The three tensions are weak, normal, and strong.

Players may check their fishing progress on the Main tab. Users can see the Internet statistics, local statistics, as well as the best fish caught including the points, length, weight, and the award in stars. There are 50 locations to choose from. The game is also accompanied by relaxing background music.

Other features of Fishing Simulation for Relax include the following:

• users can go fishing on different planets
• photorealistic background with relaxing atmosphere
• different kinds of fish to catch
• users can download additional relaxing music packages
• additional sound environment packs available